Recently, there have been rumblings of a familiar face making his return from the shadows. We’re talking about Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell franchise, of course. However, the iconic assassin’s comeback won’t be in the form of a new game in the series, but rather a crossover in an upcoming Rainbow Six: Siege patch.

The update, titled Operation Shadow Legacy, sees Fisher join the ranks of the popular competitive tactical shooter under the moniker of Specialist Zero. What exactly his role will be in the new update remains to be seen, though his involvement in Rainbow Six: Siege will mark the first time he has appeared in a video game since Splinter Cell: Blacklist in 2013.

Perhaps this could also hint at a possible return for the stealth game series in full?

In any case, the full details for Operation Shadow Legacy will be unveiled on 16 August.

The love for Splinter Cell hasn’t quite stopped there just yet. Aside from this update, Sam Fisher will also be appearing on the small screen in a new anime series written by John Wick writer Derek Kolstad.

Additionally, Fisher was revealed as a playable character in Ubisoft’s mobile RPG shooter, Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, during the Ubisoft Forward digital event in July.

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