iPod Classic

Apple wasn’t mincing words when it said that the spirit of the iPod would live on, following the company’s decision to entirely discontinue its iPod lineup on May 10, 2022. Unironically, iPods are seemingly poised to become the new Walkman, and the recent archiving of Apple’s prodigious music player is already beginning to reflect in some sale prices of new and pre-owned iPods on the web.

DailyMail reported today that iPods have evidently shot up in value across the Internet, even selling for thousands on sites like eBay. A quick scan across the eBay iPod listings as of 3:15 PM Eastern Time shows a wide range of iPods for sale, and there’s even one first-gen iPod Classic up for sale for $23,000, but it doesn’t seem like a major boom for iPod collectors has kicked off just yet. Though such a boom is appearing likelier as others catch up with the news.

Once again, as of 3:15 PM Eastern Time, you can still affordably purchase new, used, and refurbished iPods up and down Apple’s entire iPod product line. Even the first-gen iPod is still widely available around the $300-700 price range. However, prices are visibly climbing across the board, and it does seem like search volume for "eBay iPod" is heating up on Google Trends.