Pokemon have been integrated into just about everything at one point or another. I’ve even seen a Death Battle online that featured Pikachu vs. Blanka from Street Fighter. Poor, poor Pikachu. But the always popular Pokemon have been pervasive throughout many geek cultures since their inception and have stuck around for long enough that they’ve become something of a mainstay in the comic and fantasy worlds that exist within the realm that is geekdom. A lot of people still wonder what the big deal is about Pokemon but in terms of popularity there’s really no questioning just why they’re so popular, it’s what they’ve done to get there. Integrative measures like this don’t always win a lot of fans but they do tend to at least make a nice little inroad towards introducing Pokemon into an already well-established franchise as though to say ‘what if?’.

It’s kind of interesting to be honest.

It’s bad enough that Porgs are now being thought of as the new Ewoks, you know, thanks to the fact that they’re there and don’t have a set reason for being there. But making them capable of conducting electricity on top of mimicking everything they see sounds like a rather bad idea. Chewbacca might have a harder time just swatting them away from that point on.

I don’t think I’d be quite as afraid of this masked creature as I would be of a Sith lord that could cut you in two with a lightsaber as well as use the Force to choke you out. Plus those feet look just too cute to really take this character seriously.

So this is what Yoda would look like if he had a little dragon blood in him, hm? It’s not a bad look really, it almost surpasses the squished-face look that he was given in the first place. But unfortunately now he looks just too serious and not friendly enough.

Okay that one big eye would drive me absolutely nuts if it started rolling around without any reserve. Plus if BB-8 kept sticking to things that he rolled by it would be necessary to ditch the droid after a while. If he could turn them on and off that might be a little different.

And you thought Jabba the Hutt was bad. At least people didn’t stick to him when they made contact, or manage to get sick and possibly come close to dying just by touching him. Leia would have had to come up with another strategy for this guy.

So it’s basically an Ewok that looks more like a teddy bear. That’s great, because you know people just wanted another reason to hate the Ewoks.

So now it has more than just a central beak, it has two other little beaks? Or are they like giant feelers or something? This is kind of confusing.

If he had trouble seeing with turning his head before this character would have to be almost kneeling in order to see anyone with any clarity at all.

Oh I don’t think this character would survive all that long, mostly because people wouldn’t like him any better as a Pokemon.

There were some interesting integrations there.

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