steaming coffee beans

You’re probably not pondering where your coffee came from when you sip your morning brew, but have you ever wondered? The World Population Review says that there are roughly 70 countries that produce coffee, and 50 of those countries produce and export it from their own soil. That’s a lot of beans! According to PR News Wire, American coffee consumption in 2022 has soared to a two-decade high. Perhaps the jolt in numbers of those reaching for a caffeine buzz is related to new post-Covid morning routines?

Regardless, PR News Wire says that 66% of Americans drink a daily cup of joe. That fact explains why specialty coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas reached a five-year high as the National Coffee Association reported earlier this year. There are many countries from which those brewed beans may have originated, but one country is stampeding the java race and that’s Brazil, according to the International Coffee Organization.