10 Movies So Bad, They're Good

Often times the best movies are actually known as the worst. Everyone enjoys watching good movies, but it can be just as entertaining to watch a movie that is bad. These are the movies that are so bad they’re good. Sometimes, the most entertaining of these films is that the filmmakers did everything wrong. From hokey acting to terrible plot points, it seems as if every wrong choice that could possibly be made is made. If you are in the mood for some grade A garbage, then here are ten of the best so bad they’re good movies.

10. Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 from Outer Space is one of the best known so bad they're good movies

Ed Wood has the unfortunate pleasure of the title of the worst filmmaker of all time. Wood made many films throughout the 60s and 70s, each being worse than the last. Perhaps the movie he is best known for is the legendary bad movie Plan 9 From Outer Space. This infamous bomb follows aliens as they resurrect the Earth’s dead to use against them. This film was made with little to no budget, and it hopelessly shows. The acting is laughable, the effects are embarrassing, and fans love it. One aspect fans enjoy about it is how much fun Wood was clearly having. He may not have been good at it, but he clearly loved making movies, and it shows. Tim Burton even made a movie about him starring Johnny Depp, and it is one of his best.

9. The Happening

As funnt as it is, The Happening is still a bad movie

M. Night Shyamalan’s films are either hit or miss. On the one hand, he changed the thriller scene with The Sixth Sense. On the other, he made The Happening. What makes this one of the most unfortunate so bad they’re good movies is that many people had hope for it. Shyamalan directing mixed with Mark Whalberg starring and a clever marketing campaign generated a lot of buzz. When the film was released, the reception was one of shock. That is to say fans were shocked the film they were watching actually existed. The story sees Earth’s plants are sick of the way humans treat them. In retaliation, they somehow make humans go crazy. This insane plot mixed with ridiculous acting makes The Happening enjoyable for all the wrong reasons.

8. Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

Ricky preparing to attack

Usually, Christmas-themed movies are known as happy and heartfelt projects. In the case of the Silent Night, Deadly Night series, the opposite is the case. Christmas-themed horror movies are nothing new, but this series is arguably the most infamous. The first movie is wonderfully corny, but the first sequel is a legendary bad movie. The film follows Ricky, a young man whose brother Billy was the Sants killer from the first film. He begins to follow in his brother’s footsteps and goes on his own holiday-killing spree. Everything from the acting to the effects is laughably bad. The best-known scene is when Ricky comically exclaims, “Garbage day!” before shooting a random person. This unintentionally funny scene is just the tip of the blood-soaked iceberg.

7. Mac & Me

Most so bad they're good movies pale in comparison to Mac & Me

Rip-off movies are incredibly common. When a movie enjoys even the most minute level of success, several films attempting to cash in on the success are sure to follow. In this day and age, these movies are almost always going to be released straight to home video. However, in the case of Mac & Me, a full theatrical release was had. Being released in 1988, Mac & Me was a shameless and blatant rip-off of E.T., which hit theatres in 1982. The movie has become infamous for many reasons. Like any of the numerous so bad they’re good movies, one of the most obvious is a poor script. The film tries so hard to be as heartwarming as E.T that it comes off as laughable. The film, of course, follows a young boy who befriends an alien lost on Earth. The film is also guilty of shameless product placement for McDonald’s.

6. Deadliest Prey

Deadliest Prey is the sequel to an already bad movie

Making a sequel to a decades-old film that not many people are familiar with isn’t a great idea. However, this was the case with Deadliest Prey. Deadliest Prey is a 2013 sequel to Deadly Prey from 1987. The original film is a mixture of First Blood and the story The Most Dangerous Game. The sequel is essentially the exact same plot as the original. If rehashing the same story wasn’t bad enough, the movie is plagued with bad acting and even worse action. As stated before, not many people even know the original film exists, making the existence of this one a complete mystery. This film goes under the radar for many, but it is good for a cheap laugh.

5. The Wicker Man

The infamous bee scene from The Wicker Man

Nic Cage is known for making all kinds of off-the-wall movies. Most of these are straight-to-video and have some level of intentional enjoyment. A different kind of crazy movie from him is The Wicker Man. Wicker Man gained buzz not just because of Cage’s casting but because it is a remake of a classic 1973 horror film starring Christopher Lee. However, unlike the original, this remake is famous for other reasons. Cage goes all out with his over-the-top acting in the best way possible. The story is difficult to follow and makes little sense. It tries to be a serious thriller but then has scenes such as Cage wearing a bear costume and punching a woman out. This movie would have gone down as just another bland film, but Nic Cage makes it a film that demands to be seen.

4. Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man is one of the more recent so bad they're good movies

The Bye Bye Man had many horror fans hoping to see an original movie featuring a new horror icon. What they got was an uneven, ridiculous, and laughable movie that has gone down in infamy just five years after release. The heart of the problem is the film seems to be more interested in creating a new horror legend rather than telling a scary story. The titular Bye Bye Man is a silly character to begin with and has a nonsensical backstory. The character is based on an urban legend, but that seems to be ignored here. The silly nature of the film turned many viewers away, while others were drawn to it. They weren’t drawn in the way the filmmakers intended, but rather the fact they have discovered one of the best so bad they’re good movies in years.

3. Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Birdemic is one of the worst, yet most enjoyable movies of all time

Birdemic is a movie that, on the surface, seems like it is intentionally bad. This is not the case, however. This unbelievable film was created sincerely and failed spectacularly. The filmmakers had a save the environment message and no knowledge of filmmaking. The story is essentially a much poorer version of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds. The Earth’s bird population begins attacking humans. The film makes sure to hammer the point that humans are to blame every time it gets a chance. It takes a good while for the birds to even begin attacking, as the first portion of the movie is just people doing mundane things. The birds are essentially just still images animated for a few frames to give a poor illusion of movement. The film received a sequel, but this one was supposed to be a bad movie, which takes all the fun out of it.

2. The Room

Tommy and Dany in the legendary bad movie The Room

This is a movie that has to be seen to be believed. The Room has gone down in history as one of the worst and most enjoyable movies of all time. The film has become so legendary in its badness that it is actually frequently shown at screenings, where fans cosplay as the characters and quote the film out loud. The film follows Johnny, a banker whose life begins to crumble when his finance begins seeing someone else. That someone else happens to be Mark, Johnny’s best friend. While this may seem like a tragic drama, it is actually an unintentionally hilarious comedy. The man who plays Mark, Greg Sestero, wrote a book entitled The Disaster Artist, which chronicles the making of the film. This book was adapted into a film starring James Franco.

1. Troll 2

The goblins from Troll 2

When it comes to so bad they’re good movies, none come close to the notoriety of Troll 2. The movie has nothing to do with the first film, which itself is a bad movie. Troll 2 follows a family that goes on vacation to the town of Nilbog. Little do they know, the town is overrun by goblins. Not trolls as the title suggest, but goblins. This film tries so hard to be scary, but every scene is comedy gold. From the hokey acting to the bizarre creature effects, every moment of this film is unintentionally side-splitting. The movie has a huge fanbase, even if it isn’t the fan base the filmmakers were hoping for. Troll 2 should be seen by anyone looking for a good laugh, as this film is the king of bad movies.