Rajon Rondo – Rajon Rondo was determined to play in Game 3 of the 2011 Eastern Semi-Conference Finals despite having a dislocated elbow after he and Dwyane Wade got entangled during a heated play. An injury like that should have taken the Celtics guard out for the game, but Rondo was back in the game by fourth quarter — and helped the Celtics win it.(Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images)

NBA point guard Rajon Rondo has been accused by a woman of threatening her and her children with a gun in front of their Louisville, Kentucky, home.

According to Yahoo! Sports, the unidentified woman filed for an emergency protective order on Friday, claiming that she fears for the safety of herself and her children. She also cites a history of “volatile, erratic (and) explosive behavior” from Rondo, as reported by ESPN.

Per the reports, a judge granted the request, ordering Rondo to remain 500 feet away from the woman and her children and temporarily surrender any firearms to the Jefferson County Sheriff.

Rondo has not been arrested, charged, or named as a suspect in a crime. The Louisville native, who also played college ball at the University of Kentucky, has not addressed the allegation publicly. His representatives didn’t respond to any publications’ requests for comment.

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The woman alleges that while Rondo was playing a video game with her son, she asked the child to help with laundry. According to the protective order, Rondo then ripped the video game console from the wall and smashed multiple items before leaving the house. She then says that Rondo then returned to the house with a gun, told her “you’re dead,” and demanded to see her son.

Per the reports, he then proceeded to yell at the son after taking him outside while still holding the gun. He also allegedly yelled at the woman’s daughter.

NBA spokesman Mike Bass released a statement in response to the initial TMZ report.

“We are aware of the report and are in the process of gathering more information,” the statement reads per ESPN’s Malika Andrews.

Rondo, 36, is a Louisville native who played in college at the University of Kentucky. A 16-season NBA veteran, Rondo played for the Los Angeles Lakers last season before finishing the season with the Cleveland Cavaliers after a midseason trade. He’s slated to be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.