Hopefully Tom Brady is a bit smoother in the booth.

The Buccaneers quarterback awkwardly changed the subject on Sunday night when Charles Barkley brought up Brady’s 10-year, $375 million contract with Fox that will begin when his playing career ends.

Brady, along with Aaron Rodgers, joined “Inside the NBA” on Sunday night to promote “The Match.” The June 1 golfing showdown pairs Brady and Rodgers against Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes on TNT. Brady was joking with Barkley about being the lowest-paid among those high-profile quarterbacks.

Barkley had a quick comeback for the future Hall of Famer.

“Tom, number one, if you’re worried about being the lowest-paid guy, why don’t you just quit, retire again and go to TV? I hear you got some change coming your way,” Barkley said.

“All in due time,” Brady said after some nervous laughter. “I think you guys are doing just fine yourselves.”

Brady then quickly switched topics.

“Speaking of that, I love your guys’ show,” said Brady, whose TV contract details were first reported by The Post’s Andrew Marchand. “I told Shaq when I had dinner with him… The best camaraderie, I think everybody in television tries to emulate what you do, so keep it up. It’s like a very dysfunctional Thanksgiving family dinner. You guys are doing very well.”

Charles Barkley and Tom Brady before a previous version of “The Match” on July 6, 2021.

Brady will work alongside Kevin Burkhardt in Fox’s top football booth when the time comes to hang up the cleats.