Best Expansions Ever In Video Games

Finishing a game is very satisfying but sometimes there’s a feeling that something was missing and you want more, that’s where story-based DLCs jump in and today we are talking about the Best Expansions Ever In Video Games.

10. Minerva’s Den – BioShock 2

Bioshock 2 sadly failed to capture what made the original game special but it’s expansion Minvera’s Den stands out as one of the most loved tales told in the franchise. You got to explore a new side of Rapture as you unraveled the twisted story behind The Thinker (a powerful supercomputer that controls much of the city) The DLC also gave you tons of new weapons to play with such as the Ion Laser and Gravity Well.

9. Freedom Cry – Assasins’s Creed IV

The life of Edward Kenway was entertaining his story lacked the charm compared to the previous entry. Ubisoft did it right by releasing the DLC Freedom Cry which worked both as an expansion and a stand-alone title. In the DLC you play as Adewale who is a former slave turned Assassin. He attempts to bring freedom to Haitian slaves while carrying out his missions. This epic tale told you the real cost of freedom

8. Sonic And knuckles (1994)

This my friends is what might the first-ever original expansion pack. It was its own game that allowed players to play as one of both Sonic or Echidna but that’s not all. The cartridge flipped open on top so you could plug in other games. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3 each got “& Knuckles” expansions, adding some new story beats and bringing the character to the games alongside Sonic and Tails. If a game didn’t support being plugged into the cartridge, you could still get a few special stages out of it by mashing enough buttons

7. Episode 2 – Half-Life 2

This one is the most famous expansions of all time because everyone is still waiting on a sequel, episode two introduced a new dangerous enemy called The Hunter that was way too powerful. Gordon’s Gravity Gun got some tweaks and the game got a lot of appreciation for creative level design and a compelling story guess what ? it ended with some plot for a thrid episode and my god people still to date after all those years wait on it.

6. Point Lookout – Fallout 3

Players of Fallout 3 spent countless hours exploring the Wasteland with a set of characters being a force of good and evil (depending on your decisions) as the core game had moments that were funny, weird and sometimes evoked sadness the DLC Point Lookout took that away and made the game scary. Set in a creepy swamp in what used to be Maryland. Swamp was full of inbred humans and toxic wildlife. The whole atmosphere was crazy!

5. The Old Hunters – Bloodborne

Bloodborne was never a game that gave you all of its information up and easily. The Old Hunters’ expansion allowed players a glimpse into Yharnam’s past, players could take their crafter hunter through the game’s most ridiculously difficult challenges yet including a hunted cathedral, a dizzying clock tower, and a coastal town. There where many different weapons and five new nightmarish bosses

4. Left Behind – The Last Of Us

In Left Behind, we see Ellie months before meeting Joel, roaming around an abandoned shopping mall with her friend Riley. An ordinary, suburban environment with the disease-ravaged landscape of The Last of Us sets the scene for what is arguably the entire game’s most emotionally poignant 2 hours. The relationship the two girls share, from its happiest moments to its most harrowing, proves essential to understanding Ellie.

3. Cold Cold Heart – Batman Arkham Origins

Those who grew up in the ’90s watching Batman The Animated Series (Greatest animated superhero series) One of the standout stories of the show was Hearts OF Ice which told the story of Mr. Freeze, The DC Cold, Cold HEart dives into the same story showing how Victor became the villain we all know. The story is sad and ends in tragedy plus the Thermal batsuit you wear is fantastic!

2.Blood And Wine – The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 already had a ton of amazing content with the core game and the Heart Of Stone DLC but when Blood And Wine came out. At first, it seemed excessive but it brought in some of the best Witcher content in the whole game. The DLC brings Geralt to the land of Toussaint, it’s a very lengthy DLC that justifies the price and takes around 20 hours to beat. Also delivered a perfect send-off to our favorite character

1.Undead Nightmare – Red Dead Redemption

This without a doubt is the greatest DLC ever released for any game. Undead Nightmare takes wild west and turns it upside down by injecting hordes of flesh-craving undead. It’s set before the games main story where John Marston is heading back home to live the peaceful he always wanted but it all goes down when the dead rise and terror takes control of America and Mexico.

What’s your favorite expansion of all time, similar to this we also have the weirdest characters in videogames feature too. Be sure to check that out too.