Go ahead, punks, make your day: Take a look at movies starring Clint Eastwood!

The astonishing career begins with blowing up a giant spider with a jet missile in Tarantula. Eastwood didn’t have any lines in that one, and not many more nine years later in A Fistful of Dollars, but that wasn’t going to stop him from becoming an international star. (That’s currently his best-reviewed movie: It’s Certified Fresh by critics and we list more of those next in the list.) Further movies as the Sergio Leone’s Man With No Name made him the spaghetti Western icon, and the Dirty Harry series made him a man for modern times. Along the way, he picked up directing, cranking out movies with stunning efficiency, often giving himself the main role for a little career longevity, not to mention Best Picture wins with Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby. In The Mule, Eastwood directs once more and appears on-screen notably for the first time since Trouble With the Curve. He followed that up with 2021’s Cry Macho.

Feelin’ lucky? Pick any movie from Eastwood’s filmography and you just might witness a piece of cinema legend.