shadow of the tomb raider outfits

Here’s all Shadow of The Tomb Raider outfits Lara Croft to choose from. You can choose among upper body outfits, lower body outfits, and full body Tomb Raider outfits.

Check out the Shadow of the Tomb Raider review, and cast your eye over the outfits.

Upper Body Shadow of The Tomb Raider Outfits

#1 Vest of Empress Jaguar

This vest is made out of the hide from Empress Jaguar who almost killed Lara Croft. Its dark hide conceals you from enemies. It will take a long time before enemies can detect and identify you as a threat.

#2 Tactical Adventurer

It is a simple blue and green tank top. The only benefit it offers is that its moisture wicking fabric is ideal for jungle’s humidity.

Lower Body Shadow of The Tomb Raider Outfits

#1 Boots of Empress Jaguar

Boots made from the part of jaguar Croft hunted. Its braided cotton soles give sound dampening effects when running. It gives same upper body benefit like Vest of Empress Jaguar. And for the lower body, quiet movement when running.

#2 Tactical Adventurer

It’s a green pants with polymer -reinforced knees and inseam. It has same effects with Vest and Boots of Empress of Jaguar but none with lower body.

Full Body Shadow of The Tomb Raider Outfits

#1 Adventurer– It’s a pair of beige cotton and green pants. It is a functional outfit for adventures off the beaten path.

#2 Survivor– it’s a teal tank and brown canvas pants, that have both seen better days.

#3 Remnant Jacket– it’s a lightweight yet sturdy brown canvas jacket from Jacob.

#4 Commando– camouflage pants and black tank top with tactical vest.

#5 Desert Tank– light, gray tank top that if used in exploring old tombs make it dirty.

#6 Infiltrator– it’s a camouflage pants with matching olive shirt with tactical vest and scarf.

#7 Siberian Ranger– green, long sleeve shirt and a light tactical vest which is ideal attire for both exploration and combat.

#8 Shadow Runner– all black clothing with tactical vest

#9 Wraithskin it’s a headpiece made from bear skull and sheep horns. It has patchwork leather tunic and bear pelt mocassins.

#10 Gray Henley- gray long-sleeve Henley shirt, a loose weave retains heat but allows for breathability.

#11 Blue Henley- blue long- sleeve Henley shirt, a loose weave retains heat but allows for breathability.

#12 Angel of Darkness– black and tank and shorts, perfect for Paris’ dark alleys.

#13 Tomb Raider 2– teal tank and brown shorts but more nostalgic than functional

#14 Bomber Jacket– classic bomber jacket with Lamb’s wool lapels.

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