V Rising: Where to Find Cotton

V Rising is the newest MMO vampire survival game made by the Swedish Stunlock Studios. It is still in its Early Access and only available for PC via Steam, but it has grown in popularity among MMO players. As part of every survival game, finding and storing enough items and materials is necessary. So if you are looking for where to find cotton in V Rising, you’ve come to the right place.

Were to Find Cotton in V Rising

One of the most important resources in the game is cotton since it is used in making almost every item in one way or another. The only place you can find cotton is at a Cotton Farm. There are Cotton farms around the map you can use, but they are mostly located in Dunley Farmlands. However, to get the cotton from the farm, you must have at least Mercilles Copper tools.

where to find cotton v rising

Once you’ve spotted a field with fluffy plants, start hitting them with your weapons and scoop up the cotton afterward. Also, make sure to check the containers on the farm, since you might find some cotton or cotton seeds there as well.

The main usage of cotton in V Rising is to make clothes. However, to get the cotton yarn and clothing recipes, you need to defeat a boss called Beatrice the Tailor. This boss can be found inside Dawnbreak Village, and as a matter of fact, defeating her is not that difficult.

After you defeated Beatrice the Tailor, you will get Loom structure, Human Form vampire power, and recipes for Cloth, Cotton Yar, and Hunter’s Cloak. The other material for making cloths can also be found in the Dunley Farmlands area.

V Rising is now available as Early Access for PC via Steam.