Step aerobics routines range from simple to complicated, but remain a great workout for your cardiovascular system and lower body. These routines will get your heart pumping and challenge your stamina and coordination.

A Variety of Step Aerobics Routines

These routines made to be performed with a step bench progress from easy to complex. Combine step aerobics routines any way you like in order to add more variety to your workout:

Step Up/Step Down

This is one of the easiest moves you can do on a step bench.

  1. Step up with your right foot and then your left.
  2. Step down with your right foot and then your left.
  3. Repeat as many times as desired.
People working out with steppers in gym

Step and Kick

  1. Step on the bench with your right foot.
  2. Bring your left foot up and kick your left leg straight out in front of you.
  3. Step back onto the floor with your left foot and then your right.
  4. Alternate legs for stepping and kicking.
People doing step aerobics

Side to Side

  1. Turn to the side and step with your right foot onto the bench.
  2. Bring your left foot onto the bench.
  3. Step down on the other side of the bench with your right foot and then your left.
  4. Step back onto the bench with your left foot first, followed by your right, landing on the other side of the bench.
Two women doing lunge stairs in the gym

Step and Touch

Again facing the side instead of facing your bench head on, step your right foot onto the bench and only tap your left foot onto it before stepping back onto the floor, left foot followed by the right. You can also perform this move facing the bench:

  1. Step up with your right foot and tap the bench with your left.
  2. Step down with your left foot and then your right.
  3. Now step up with the left foot and tap the bench with your right.
  4. Continue to alternate feet.
Group of people doing Step aerobics in the gym

Knee Lift Step

  1. Step on bench with your right foot.
  2. Bring left leg up but don’t step on the bench. Lift left knee and then step back with left foot, followed by the right.
  3. Alternate stepping foot and lifting leg.
Step aerobics class

Step and Lunge

  1. Step onto the bench with your right foot and bend your knee to 90 degrees.
  2. Extend your left leg behind you.
  3. Quickly alternate feet on the step.
Woman doing lunges on step aerobics equipment at gym

Online Step Aerobics Routines to Try

Plenty of step aerobics routines are available online. If you have a step and a reliable Internet connection, you don’t have to head to the gym for your step aerobics workout.

Jenny Ford’s Beginner Routine

Ford’s routine features basic moves that will quickly elevate your heart rate. Expect to do Step Up/Step Downs, Knee Lift Step, and other moves that may take a little practice, but aren’t so complicated that you’ll trip over your step. One great feature of this workout is the countdown clock in the corner, letting you know how much longer you’re working.

10 Minute Low Impact Workout

A good choice for exercisers pressed for time, this workout lasts only 10 minutes and features no jumps. Step Up/Step Downs, Side to Sides and other moves like leg lifts are included within this workout.

Hip Hop Step Clinic

The majority of this 15 minute workout consists of traditional Step Up/Step Downs, though some trickier, hip-hop based moves are included. Beginning exercisers should try the moves and should they prove too tricky, continue with the Step Up/Step Downs. The music is catchy and the instructor’s energy is contagious; this is a great choice for someone motivated by hip hop music to move.

About Step Aerobics

Step aerobics only requires a step bench for equipment. You’ll need to wear a good pair of shoes, but that’s all the equipment you’ll need for this workout. Your bench may be anywhere from six inches to twelve inches in height. Make sure it’s sturdy and provides ample foot space so that you don’t fall off of it while exercising. Once your bench is in place, you’re ready to step your way to fitness. The higher your bench height, the harder your legs work.

Step Your Way to Fitness

Unlike running, stepping is a lower-impact exercise that you can do comfortably in a gym or your own home. You don’t have to be a choreographer to know how to perform basic moves, so anyone (even someone with two left feet) can get a good, heart-pumping workout with a simple step bench.