Horizon Forbidden West: All Dreadwing Locations

Horizon Forbidden West offers fans a whole new environment to explore with more machines to hunt with the new sequel released for fans. One of the perks of hunting Horizon Forbidden West machines is the amount of loot they drop, which is essential to make Alloy stronger or sell for profit. The Dreadwing, in particular, has a lot of incredibly rare loot, some of which can only be found from Dreadwings. So for gamers needing help hunting them down, here are the exact spawn points for both the Dreadwing Location and Apex Dreadwing Location in Horizon Forbidden West.

Where to find Dreadwings in Horizon Forbidden West

There are currently two locations where players can find both the normal Dreadwing and the Apex Dreadwing. One is in the southeastern portion of the map by Latopolis, and the other is towards the center of the map, high up in the snowy mountains.

Dreadwing Location

Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing Location

The normal Dreadwing is in the desert area. Players will find it either flying around or perched on top of some of the structures. It is recommended that players attempt to fight this Dreadwing first. However, don’t expect an easy fight.

The Dreadwing can turn invisible and shoot acid at gamers. It is weak to fire elemental attacks and has a resistance to shock, frost, and acid. Players having trouble fighting it in the sky can still use shock arrows to stun the Dreadwing and make it fall to the ground. Take this time to run up and land a critical strike, or knock off the Stealth Generator in its tail and Metalbite Sac under its neck to prevent it from using its abilities.

Apex Dreadwing Location

Horizon Forbidden West Apex Dreadwing Location

The Apex Dreadwing location is up in the icy mountains. While not required, the journey will be much easier with the Sunwing mount in Horizon Forbidden West. Additionally, there are some instances where players aren’t getting the Apex Dreadwing spawning at this location. To fix this, raise the difficulty of the file and wait until nighttime to have the highest chance for it to come out of hiding.

The Apex Dreadwing should be around level 40. This time it is weak to plasma and strong against pyro, purge water, and frost. Other than that, the fight will involve the same strategies against the normal Dreadwing. Just be careful of its more potent attack and long-range electric blast.

Gamers can unlock the Sunwing after they override the Gemini Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West, which is one of the required missions at around level 32.

Horizon: Forbidden West is available on PS5 and PS4.