johnny depp

Although Johnny Depp recently won the libel trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, it’s been revealed that the actor has been sued yet again. It turns out that Johnny Depp has another court date scheduled for July, where he’ll be facing allegations from Greg “Rocky” Brooks. The two worked on the set of the film City of Lies in 2017, and according to Brooks, Depp punched him more than once during production.

As revealed via Little Things, Brooks initially filed his lawsuit against Johnny Depp three years ago – but the trial was delayed. As we all know, there’s been a lot going on since then with Depp’s other legal debacles. But it’s worth noting that this lawsuit has nothing to do with Depp’s recent issues regarding Amber Heard.

As explained:

“The incident is said to have taken place while the movie, City of Lies, was filming in April 2017. Brooks states that he told the movie’s director, Brad Furman, that they needed to wrap things up for the day and that Depp’s next take needed to be his last.”


“Brooks said he was tasked with telling Depp that he needed to end shooting for the night, a job that he believes should have fallen to the director. Brooks went to look for the on-set security guard to accompany him as he told Depp, but he states that the actor approached him first.”

Eventually the situation escalated into the following alleged encounter:

“Brooks says that Depp smelled of alcohol and behaved as if he was drunk before punching him ‘angrily and forcefully’ two times in the ribs. The actor then reportedly yelled, ‘I will give you one hundred thousand dollars to punch me in the face right now!’”

Afterwards, Brooks alleged that he was given a document asking him not to sue Depp or the production team of the film over the encounter. He declined to sign the document, however, and was subsequently removed from the production of the film. There’s currently been no comment from Johnny Depp or the other members of the film’s production team.

The trial following Greg “Rocky” Brooks decision to have sued Johnny Depp will be held at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. Other defendants are scheduled to appear along with Johnny Depp. So far, Johnny Depp’s expected testimony is that he not only didn’t hit Brooks – he allegedly only confronted him verbally after seeing Brooks act belligerently towards a woman on set.