thor: love and thunder

While there are plenty of reasons to be excited for Thor: Love and Thunder, one such reason is actress Tessa Thompson returning as Valkyrie for the film. She’ll also be wearing a new costume in the movie, one which was leaked online earlier this year. Now Tessa Thompson has explained how the image leaked, and she’s apologized to Marvel and Disney for the spoilers.

As it turns out, the image leaked because she intended to only show it to her stepmom. She explained as much while speaking with Fandango All Access.

Here’s what she said about the Thor 4 spoilers she accidentally helped leak:

“Oh, that… no. See… I sent a picture to my stepmom and she posted it on Instagram. Yeah, [it] wasn’t me and it’s a big thing. She feels terrible. I’m so sorry, Marvel. I’m so sorry, Disney. It’s not my fault. I will never– I’m never gonna send selfies again.”

She also discussed what it was like when the film featured the Guardians of the Galaxy on set:

“Well I didn’t… I just came to set to watch, because I wasn’t in any of the Guardian stuff and I don’t remember which of them said it to me, but someone asked me, ‘Is it always like this?’ I was like, ‘Yes, it is…’ I think what you were saying Taika. I think it’s like… we’re used to a certain level of chaos. Like existing in a certain level of chaos because there’s always like the version that’s on the page and then… we throw that out and do a bunch… that we know probably… 95% of it will never get to be in the film, but you do it for the 5% that can live there.”

The film’s director, Taika Waititi, added the following thoughts to her statement:

“…and also just for the fun of like, ‘We’re here, we got dressed up in these stupid costumes and we may as well like enjoy this moment rather than like just be prescriptive and just do the one line that’s written.’”

Taika Waititi directed Thor: Love and Thunder from a script he wrote with Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

Thor: Love and Thunder has a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman, and Christian Bale. The film also features Chris Pratt, Jaimie Alexander, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Sean Gunn, Jeff Goldblum, and Vin Diesel.

Fans will be able to see the highly-anticipated MCU film Thor: Love and Thunder when it hits theaters on July 8, 2022.