Pokémon Go: How to Evolve Rockruff

Rockruff, the puppy-like Pokemon, was added to Pokemon GO in March 2022, along with other Alolan/Generation VII creatures. This Rock-type Pokemon itself debuted in the Pokemon Sun and Moon title for the Nintendo 3DS, which was released on November 18, 2016. In both the 3DS games and Pokemon GO, Rockruff needs a specific method to evolve, and this article will help guide you on how to transform your cute lil’pupper into the tough Lycanroc.

How to Evolve Rockruff into Three Lycanroc Forms

Pokémon Go: How to Evolve Rockruff

In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Rockruff can be evolved into Lycanroc. It has two different forms — the Midday and Midnight forms — and which one you get depends on the time of day when you evolve the Pokemon, just like Eevee’s Espeon and Umbreon. And in the sequel, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, it gained one new type of evolution, called the Dusk Lycanroc. Pretty much the same rule goes in Pokemon GO as well. Here’s how you can evolve Rockruff into Lycanroc in the mobile AR title:

  • Midday Lycanroc (quadrupedal, brown fur): Use 50 Rockruff Candy on your Rockruff during the daytime.
  • Midnight Lycanroc (bipedal, red fur): Use 50 Rockruff Candy on your Rockruff during nighttime.
  • Dusk Lycanroc (quadrupedal, orange fur): For now, this evolution is not available in Pokemon GO. We will update this article once The Pokemon Company and Niantic add this Pokemon into the game.

Keep in mind that you cannot switch between Lycanroc forms after you have evolved your Rockruff. That’s why you should always make sure that the silhouette of the Pokemon matches the silhouette of the Lycanroc form you desire before tapping the evolve button. It would suck so bad if you end up with the form you don’t want, especially if you have wasted tons of hours catching the Shiny version.

Pokémon GO is available on iOS and Android.