jacob batalon hobgoblin spider-man 4

Actor Jacob Batalon, known for having played the character Ned Leeds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has teased a possible appearance as Hobgoblin for Spider-Man 4. After the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it wasn’t long after that Sony and Marvel teased their plans to continue making Spider-Man films. Of course, it’s unclear what trajectory the major studios have in mind for the characters involved. Now it appears we might know what will happen with at least one of the characters.

With that said, it should be mentioned that this is speculation. But it appears that actor Jacob Batalon might’ve teased a future appearance as Hobgoblin. Many fans know that his character, Ned Leeds, has an interesting arc in Marvel’s comic books. In particular, he becomes something of a supervillain in the form of Hobgoblin. Of course, this was retconned later on to have been the result of brainwashing. Still, though, it seems like Marvel could take any number of similar routes for Ned Leeds in the MCU. And it seems like Jacob Batalon is aware of his character’s connection with Hobgoblin.

Especially in the new image he shared that you can see down below:

Hmm sus 🤔 from marvelstudios

Although it’s possible that Jacob Batalon is merely having fun with the notion and fans’ theories regarding his character. But considering that it did happen in the comics, it’s always possible to see it adapted for the big screen in Spider-Man 4. Then again, Marvel and Sony have both famously taken their own spin on such characters and storylines in the past. So perhaps we’ll see a completely different route for Ned Leeds in the future. Fans can thus stay tuned to ScreenGeek for more updates on that front as we have them.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently available to view via digital or physical media formats. However, fans will be able to purchase tickets for Spider-Man: No Way Home: The More Fun Stuff Version on August 9, 2022. The extended cut of the film will then be playing in movie theaters in the United States and Canada on September 2.