Destiny 2: Week Three Bobblehead Location

Collectibles have always had a particular place in the hearts of Destiny 2 fans. While collecting in games is usually a leisure activity, some special items carry the key to unlocking seals or titles. Bungie has been placing valuables since Year 1 in a variety of raids and dungeons for everyone to discover and obtain. They have also released a new set of collectibles that can be obtained every week with the introduction of Season 17. The Calus Bobbleheads may be found at various locations across the Leviathan and are time-limited! So, let’s look for Destiny 2’s Week Three Bobblehead location.

Location of Week Three’s Calus Bobblehead – Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Bobblehead Set Ritual Amplifier

This week’s Destiny 2 Bobblehead hides itself towards the start of the Sever – Grief quest. After you’ve loaded up the quest, go straight and follow the small route to the right. Continue into the sewers until you reach a jammed door and a waypoint.

Destiny 2: Where to Find All Calus Bobbleheads

Until this point, all one had to do was follow the normal quest path. This barred door will unlock after the player sets the Ritual Amplifier next to it, as shown in the picture above. Look to the left as you go through the door. Attentive players will see plenty of packages and containers. Behind these containers is where they will find this week’s Calus Bobblehead.

Once you’ve collected all of the Bobbleheads, head over to H.E.L.M. As indicated by the waypoint, place them all besides the Crown of Sorrow. This will advance the tracker toward the #1 Fan victory required for the Reaper seal.

Do you also want the #1 Fan trophy? Players need to collect all the bobbleheads that are scattered throughout the world to get it. If you’ve missed some or are just starting this mission, just go back to the old Sever quests and get the hidden little guys!

If you want to try finding the bobblehead, Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.