Add Brett Favre to the list of people who don’t think the grass will be greener for Davante Adams outside of Green Bay.

The legendary former Packers quarterback told TMZ he does not think Adams will have as good a season playing with Derek Carr as the numbers he’s accustomed to producing when he was catching balls from Aaron Rodgers.

“No disrespect to Davante at all. Zero disrespect,” Favre said. “I do think that Davante will make Derek Carr better, and, in time, they will be a dynamic duo. Now will it be the duo that Aaron and Davante had? I think time will tell. Derek Carr’s a very good quarterback, but he’s not in Aaron’s league — yet. He may never be. That’s no disrespect either.

“But I do think Davante owes a great deal of gratitude to Aaron, and the Packers [for] drafting him. That’s not to say he’s not a great player, because he’s a tremendous player. We’ll see that with Las Vegas, but it’s just hard to to shift gears, especially from a player as prolific as Aaron Rodgers. I’d be shocked if he has the same year he’s had in previous years.”

Davante Adams catches a pass at Raiders minicamp on June 7, 2022.

This is somewhat of a similar tone to the one Michael Irvin took back in April, when speaking to The Post, questioning Adams for leaving Rodgers and Tyreek Hill for leaving Patrick Mahomes.

“You left Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes — I don’t know if I could’ve ever left Troy Aikman,” Irvin said, perplexed by the wideouts’ decisions. “I don’t think I could’ve done that.”

“They had some great quarterbacks. I’m interested in seeing how it works out with Tua [Tagovailoa] and [Derek] Carr, but it’s surely not Mahomes and Rodgers. If you make that move, do you shorten the time you’re making $30 million a year because all of a sudden, you’re not making the same impact? This is a meritocracy. If you’re not putting up the numbers to support that $30 million, they’ll come for you, just like Dallas did with Amari Cooper and his $20 million. It would’ve been hard for me to make a business decision on leaving those quarterbacks.”

Brett Favre at the American Family Insurance Championship golf event on June 11, 2022.

Time will tell if Adams and Hill made wise decisions for both their football production and their finances.