The highly-anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things finally came to an end earlier this month. Fans were thrown into an emotional rollercoaster with plenty of ups and downs, and it’s safe to say the characters endured the same. In fact, Max probably got the worst of it, having nearly been killed by Vecna. Although she was saved, she was blinded, and even clinically dead before Eleven brought her back to life. Now Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers have explained the situation regarding Max and her comatose state.

While the two appeared on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, they opened up about Max and her unfortunate state.

While some fans might think the beloved Stranger Things character is gone forever, the Duffer Brothers insist that Max is still alive. Of course, it’s still pretty dire. They explain she’s still “braindead.”

Here’s what they specifically had to say on the matter. As noted above, while they do confirm Max is alive, it’s still a dire situation for her:

“Right, she’s braindead, but she’s alive. [Laughs] Braindead and blind and all of her bones broken, but she’s doing great. She’s seen better days.”

Indeed she has. Fans watched as Vecna gradually broke her limbs, crushing her body, and essentially succeeded in killing her albeit not before she could die in the arms of Lucas. It was at this moment that the aforementioned Eleven managed to resurrect Max’s body. And while the character is still alive, she’s last seen comatose in a hospital bed. While it’s unknown if her “soul” or some other integral part is missing, it does seem like the next season will address her condition.

Of course, fans have quite awhile to wait before the fifth and final season of Stranger Things hits the streaming service. It’s currently expected that the fifth season will be released around 2024. At least for now, we know that Sadie Sink’s character Max is still alive.

Fans can currently stream all four seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.