Griff Garrison Talks Advice Received From Veterans In AEW, How He Ended Up Tagging With Brian Pillman Jr.
Photo Credit: Twitter

AEW star Griff Garrison from the Varsity Blonds recently joined the A2theK Wrestling Show to discuss a few different pro-wrestling topics, including his thoughts on Julia Hart joining the House of Black, and how getting to wrestle the group’s leader, Malakai Black, was the coolest thing in his career thus far. Highlights are below.

When he found out he was working with Malakai and the House of Black:

We were somewhere up north and Brian came to me and was like, ‘I heard we were doing something with Malakai.’ ‘That’s cool.’ In wrestling, you don’t really want to believe something is happening until you do it. Even with me, I don’t believe I’m going to wrestle this person until I walk out the curtain. ‘That’s cool, I hope that happens.’

Talks wrestling Malakai in a singles match in his hometown:

Eventually, we did the spot where he spit in the face of Julia. I can’t complain because it led to probably the coolest moment of my career thus far, being able to wrestle him one-on-one in my hometown at the Greensboro Coliseum because I wanted to every wrestling show there. To be able to go back and have a singles match on national television against him in front of all my family and friends, that was probably the coolest moment of my career. I have him to thank for that.

Says he’s proud of Julia and thinks she can be a successful heel:

It kept going and you saw Double or Nothing, Julia is with them. It’s a good move for her. It fits her. Yeah, she’s a cheerleader, but it fits her, knowing the real Julia Hart. It fits her and I’m happy for her. She’s got it in her to be a really successful heel. I’m proud of her and she’s doing her thing.

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