Ja Morant left this unsuspecting waitress speechless.

After a recent meal, Morant left his waitress a $500 tip; as the waitress stood and looked at the receipt, seemingly mystified, Morant asked her if she was reading the tip correctly.

That sparked a back-and-forth exchange as the waitress queried Morant on his fame, sparking a feel-good moment captured in the third episode of Morant’s new YouTube docuseries.

After initially joking with the waitress that he is “Black Jesus,” Morant caved, conceding that he plays basketball.

“Can you go to the NBA?” the waitress asked.

“I’m already in the NBA,” Morant responded.

Seconds later, when Morant revealed that he plays for the Grizzlies, the waitress opened her mouth in shock. One of Morant’s friends, meanwhile, jokingly informed the waitress that the Grizzlies are “your new favorite team.”

Though the waitress forgot Morant’s name, she remembered his iconic hairstyle.

The waitress, though, seemed to forget Morant’s name. Instead, she motioned to the top of her head, mimicking one of Morant’s common hairstyles to see if it was really him.

Finally, the waitress got to the point, asking Morant: “What’s your name?”

After Morant confirmed her suspicion, the waitress gasped, covering her open mouth with her hand and running away from the table in glee.

Morant, of course, has plenty of wealth to share — last week, he agreed to a five-year, $193 million rookie maximum extension, a contract that could be worth up to $231 million and will keep him in Memphis for the foreseeable future.