DOOM 4 has resurfaced online via some new gameplay footage of the cancelled project, offering an in-depth glimpse at the game that eventually became DOOM (2016).

The game was originally announced back in 2008 by id Software before vanishing off the radar for years, eventually resurfacing as the critically acclaimed 2016 reboot. From the look of things, DOOM 4 would have adopted a more horror-oriented vibe similar to its predecessor, rather than the balls-to-the-walls, adrenaline-pumping shooter it would become.

Be sure to check it out below.

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As mentioned above, DOOM 4 would eventually become DOOM (2016), which was no bad thing as that game was an absolute blast. Still, it’s interesting to see how the project was initially conceived and how it was reworked into the game we know today.

id Software followed up DOOM with the equally-impressive DOOM Eternal in 2020, which you can read more about here.