If you learn how to apply makeup for glasses, you can take advantage of your frames and enhance your most important feature: your eyes. Eyeglasses are a necessity if you have less than perfect vision, but wearing glasses doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice beauty and style.

Nearsighted or Farsighted?

Depending on your eyeglass lens prescription, a pair of glasses can make your eyes appear either larger or smaller. If you’re farsighted, your lenses will enlarge every makeup mistake, including clumpy mascara. If you’re nearsighted, your lenses may make your eyes look small and beady. For this reason, it is important to learn how to apply makeup for glasses correctly.

Farsighted Eye Makeup

Eyeliner and mascara: Since farsighted lenses magnify the eyes you’ll want to take extra care when it comes to using eyeliner. Apply eyeliner with a light hand and stay as close as you can to the lash line. Be sure to use a good mascara with a quality wand. Avoid clumps, as they will be very noticeable when magnified by your lenses.

Eye Shadow: Apply a light color eye shadow over the entire lid of the eye. Then sweep a darker color from the middle section of the lid, towards the outer corner of the eye. Be sure to create a line of definition in the crease of the eye. This will help to create both depth and contour. Avoid eye shadow in bold colors, especially colors that clash with the style of your frames.

Nearsighted Eye Makeup

Women with nearsighted prescriptions can be a bit more liberal when it comes to applying eye makeup, as this type of lens tends to make eyes appear smaller.

Eyeliner and mascara: If you wear lenses to correct nearsighted vision, use thicker eyeliner. When you apply the eyeliner, be sure to extend the line slightly beyond the corners of the eyes. Apply white eyeliner inside the rim of the lower eyelid as it will make your eyes look larger. Don’t skimp on the mascara and opt for a lash-maximizing formula for extra volume.

Eye Shadow: When applying eye shadow, women who wear nearsighted lenses should concentrate on making their eyes appear larger. You can give the illusion of larger eyes by sweeping a lighter base color over the entire eyelid. Then, use a darker color on the eyelids’ outer corners and in the crease of the eyelid. Use a lighter shade to highlight the area just beneath the eyebrow.

How to Apply Makeup for Glasses

Under Eye Concealer

Eyeglass frames will cast a shadow beneath your eyes and if you happen to suffer from dark circles, glasses will put this common problem front and center! Avoid the raccoon-eye look by using a color correcting under eye concealer. Always set the concealer with a translucent powder for a matte finish.


Eyeglass wearers often have redness where the glasses sit on the bridge of the nose. To hide the redness, use a concealer on the sides of the nose. Women who wear glasses tend to develop oily or greasy skin on the sides of the nose, which can lead to blackheads. Use a mineral foundation as the fine powder will provide the perfect matte coverage and will absorb excess oil.

Pull your whole look together by highlighting the area just under your cheekbones with a bronzer or dark shade of blush. Make sure to sweep the apples of your cheeks with a brighter color for a fresh look.

Finishing Touches

Eyebrows: If you wear eyeglasses, make sure that you have properly groomed eyebrows.

Eyelashes: Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. While long lashes are youthful and pretty, you don’t want streaks of mascara on your lenses!

Lips: When it comes to choosing a lipstick to wear with your glasses, decide whether you want your eyes or lips to be the focal point of your face. If you’d like to draw attention to your eyes and frames, choose a neutral color lipstick or lip gloss.

Spend the Time

When applying makeup for glasses spend a little more time perfecting your eye makeup. If you make a mistake with eyeliner or mascara, simply lift off the excess liner with a cotton swap. Once your makeup is done, put your glasses on and enjoy your new look!