John Cena

Professional wrestling is more than merely an art form that involves athletically-gifted men and women simulating fights inside of rings. It’s a profession where somebody can make a fortune, often in only a few years. And the fall of 2019 sparked a new glory era for individuals attempting to make as much as possible in the industry. The birth of All Elite Wrestling and the deals delivered by that promotion caused World Wrestling Entertainment to improve upon offers made to wrestlers signed by WWE and also to those the company wants underneath its umbrella. NXT moving from WWE Network to the USA Network should only bolster how much performers earn in any given year.

It’s worth noting Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson capitalized on the fame he earned performing in WWE to launch a film career and, according to Forbes, become the highest-paid actor in the world for 2019. Celebrity Net Worth estimated Johnson’s net worth checked in at over $300 million that same year. Neither Rock nor any of the other wrestling personalities spotlighted in this piece will give us an in-depth look at their finances, so estimates of their net worths must come from contract information that’s made public, merchandise sales, and other details. Looking at some of the values mentioned here, it’s easy to understand why so many people try to break into WWE each year.

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