Kourtney Kardashian's Husband Travis Barker Hospitalized for Pancreatitis
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Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker was unfortunately hospitalized for pancreatitis. When the unexpected news first dropped, no one knew what was happening. Barker checked into West Hills hospital but was quickly moved to Cedar Sanai, causing some public concern. But now, the curtain has been pulled back, and we seemingly know all of the details. But this also just proves how fleeting life really is. One second you’re on top of the world, and the next second, the E.R.

Via E.T:

“Travis was sick and had intense pain in his abdomen and it really concerned him and Kourtney. They called 911 and he was rushed to the hospital. After speaking with Travis and running several tests, doctors said Travis is suffering from pancreatitis.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker, was hospitalized for pancreatitis. A fairly common condition, but that doesn’t make it any less serious. The good news is that they found it early enough to treat it properly. If he had done nothing, it absolutely could have been life-threatening.

Google’s definition of pancreatitis is:

Pancreatitis is the redness and swelling (inflammation) of the pancreas. This happens when digestive juices or enzymes attack the pancreas. The pancreas lies behind your stomach on the left side of your belly. It is close to the first part of your small intestine (the duodenum). The pancreas is a gland.

Kourtney Kardashian’s husband, Travis Barker, was hospitalized for pancreatitis, and Barker’s daughters are asking for prayers online. He also had sent out a tweet that said “God Save Me,” which definitely had some fans speculating. But now we know.

And we really do hope that he gets the care he needs and recoups to 110%. But at least they know what they are working with now. We wish Travis Barker a swift recovery. Swift 182. Okay, that was bad. Sorry.