Check out our list of 8 times superheroes were forced to kill!

When it comes to justice, there are certain rules you abide by. Some are blatantly spelled out, like “everyone is innocent until proven guilty,” and “don’t kill when you can subdue.” With superheroes, though, there have been more than a few times where hands have been forced, and difficult decisions needed to be made.

Frankly, unless you’re the Punisher, most superheroes abstain from taking the life of an enemy under any circumstance. But what about the villains that can’t be contained? What about the times you’ve exhausted all other options?

Those are the instances we’re going to explore in this list. Not the times that superheroes killed for the sake of killing, but the times they killed because they felt they had no other choice.

Here are 8 times superheroes were forced to kill:

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    Hawkeye Kills Bruce Banner

    Killing supervillains is one thing. Killing one of your closest allies, though – that’s an entirely different animal, and as for Hawkeye, unfortunately, he knows all too well what it’s like to have to take the life of a friend and teammate.

    During the events of Civil War II, the superhero community is divided over whether or not it’s morally acceptable to use a new Inhuman’s precognitive abilities to deliver predictive justice (think Minority Report, but not as well-executed). While the heroes quarrel over this ethical dilemma, the Inhuman, Ulysses, has a vision of the Hulk going on a massive, violent rampage. When the heroes arrive at the location of Bruce Banner, though, he explains that it’s been nearly one year since he last transformed into the Green Goliath.

    As tensions begin to rise, an arrow emerges from the forest, hitting Banner directly in the head and killing him instantly. The arrow, of course, was fired by the Marvel Universe’s resident archer, Clint Barton, AKA Hawkeye.

    When asked why he seemingly killed his friend in cold blood, Hawkeye reveals that previously, Banner had entrusted him with a specially-designed arrowhead – one that was to be used on Banner himself, should he ever have another Hulk outburst. Hawkeye went on to explain that while watching the confrontation from the trees, his extraordinary vision allowed him to see a glimmer of green in Banner’s eye, signaling that he was moments away from Hulking out. Therefore, he did what was asked of him and killed his dear friend.

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