Their double cheeseburgers are only $6.25!

2. Don Pepe Tortas & Jugos

Ranging from $7 to $8, just half of one of their tortas is enough to fill you up.

3. Mitchell’s Soul Food

First We Feast’s caption says it all, “Life hack: when you get two sides with your fried chicken, just pick 2x mac and cheese.”

4. Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop

For those who crave sweets, each handcrafted artisan donut from Peter Pan is only $1.10.

5. L&B Spumoni Gardens

This iconic pizza place serves a square slice of Sicilian pizza for $2.75 a piece.

6. Little Saigon Pearl

This pho-nomenal Vietnamese restaurant has incredible beef noodle soup for only $6.95.

7. Delmar Pizzeria

Located in Sheepshead Bay, this hidden gem has been serving pizza for 60 years. Their Grandma’s Style square pie is eight slices for $17.

8. Mashallah Sweets and Restaurant

This Indian restaurant is open 24/7 and has chicken curry for $5. What more could you ask for?

9. John’s Coffee Donut Shop

Everything is UNDER $10 at this diner.

10. Crif Dogs

Located in williamsburg and on St. Mark’s Place in manhattan, Crif Dogs serves THE BEST hotdogs.

11. Xi’an Famous Foods

This greenpoint location has Liang Pi cold noodles for just $5.50.

12. Totonno Pizzeria Napolitano

Pizza is ALWAYS an option, whether or not you’re broke.

13. Ba Xuyen

This classic Bahn Mi sandwich can be yours for just $4.50.

14. Chikurin

Each roll is only $2.50 and they even offer lunch specials for under $15.

15. Oasis of Williamsburg

The name doesn’t lie, this place is an oasis. And they only charge $4 for their falafel sandwhiches.

16. Nyonya

Roti Canai is a must when you’re in the mood for Malaysian, and all of their lunch specials are just $7.95.

17. Tina’s Place

This bushwick diner has simple breakfast foods and is great to stop by if you’re in the area.

18. Sake Sushi

All you can eat sushi for $12.95 during lunch and $17.95 for dinner. This place is always crowded so be sure you plan to wait for a table.

19. Kabob Shack

Gyro pita sandwiches here cost $8.70.

20. Grand Morelos

This diner serves up some of the best Mexican and American dishes you can find on Grand Street.

21. Hana Food

This grocery/sandwich shop sells sandwiches ranging from $3 to $6.

22. The Family Store

Did I mention The Family Store is vegan-friendly?

23. 2 Bros Pizza

Dollar pizza. Enough said.

24. Yemen Cafe

Slurp warm lagman noodles down for $8.50.

25. Vanessa’s Dumpling House

How can you say no to $1.75 for four dumplings and $1.25 for sesame pancakes?!