Spoiler Alert! The Paradox mission in Destiny: The Taken King is fairly straight-forward overall with the only potentially stumbling block being when you come against Morphon The Blighted Mind in the Gorgon’s Labyrinth, particularly if you’re playing solo. Here’s how you beat Gorgon, who appears near the end of the mission.

Level 38 Story – Paradox on Ishtar Sink Venus. Inside The Gorgon’s Labyrinth

Tips to kill Morphon

– Before you begin the mission, make sure you have some Heavy Ammo Synthesis in your inventory.

– Clear out the minions in and around the Labyrinth before you even think about tackling Gorgon. Watch out for the snipers high up on the cliffs.

– Take out the glowing green lights surrounding Morphon before shooting at him. This takes down his shield temporarily.

– Once all the lights are out throw everything you have at him with your heavy weapon and quickly switch to your special weapon when you run out of bullets. With three players all shooting heavy weapons you should be able to take him down before this shield comes back, but solo you have to repeat the process three of four times.

– If you shoot at him without taking out the green lights then you’re wasting bullets as he’s immune.

– If you’re not quick enough to kill him you’ll be surrounding by a red cage and temporarily trapped. Blast threw it with any weapon or melee attack to break out and be prepared for a new wave of enemies.

– Stand your distance and take out the Consumed Goblins. Make it a priority to shoot the ones that appear to have larger invisible enemies on a leash. These goblins are shielding this enemy and he will be immune until you take out his protector.

– Stay right back away from enemies and use the rock formations to hide behind to recharge your energy bar if need be.

– Morphon won’t chase you, but his minions will, so always take them out before attempting to take him down.

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