Genshin Impact: Where to Find the Broken Isle Conch

Finding Phantasmal Conches hidden across the Golden Apple Archipelago is one of the primary objectives that Genshin ImpactTravelers will pursue during the Summertime Odyssey Event, and a Conch that might stump many players is the Broken Isle Conch. The Broken Isle is a large named island that sits northwest of the map. Here, the Phantasmal Conch will appear in a location on the trail between the isle’s two prominent peaks. However, after a diligent search, Genshin Impact Travelers will realize that the Broken Isle Conch is nowhere to be found, regardless of verticality. This predicament is because the Conch is actually hidden underground.

Finding The Broken Isle Conch In Genshin Impact

Finding the Broken Isle Conch in Genshin Impact

Finding the Broken Isle Conch in Genshin Impact requires some story progression in the Summertime Odyssey Event. Specifically, players must complete “Blazin’ Trails,” Xinyan’s portion of the event’s questline. This part is accessible in “Summertime Odyssey: III,” meaning that Travelers must get through the first and second segments first to unlock Xinyan’s story.

After completing “Blazin’ Trails,” Genshin Impact fans will unlock access to a special mechanic located on the northern side of Broken Isle. Near some sunken ruins, Travelers will find a drum tangled in prickly vines. Interacting with this drum will alter the elevation of the mountains on the island, causing a secret underground entrance to emerge. Accordingly, use the drum once and then head to the northwestern corner of the Broken Isle to discover a large tunnel into the western mountain. Once inside, players will find several puzzles they must solve to continue deeper into the grotto. Solving these puzzles requires a Cryo character. While any Cryo unit will do, fans are recommended to use Amber for her ability to reach distant targets easily, lighting them on fire.

Within the caverns of Broken Isle, Genshin Impact fans will find several locked door-shaped portals leading deeper into the mountain. To enter these gateways, Travelers must activate Cryo Pillar that prominently sits along every area’s main path. However, it cannot be interacted with until several torches about the room have been lit. Therefore, use Amber or another Cryo character to perform this task. Once all available torches have been set alight, the Cryo Pillar’s seal will break, allowing it to be activated. Perform this process a few times to reach a final room, where water is covering a treasure area. After using the pillar, the water level will decline, allowing Travelers to find the Broken Isle Conch in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.