Top 10 Choices For The Next James Bond, According to Ranker

With Daniel Craig having made his last bow in 2021’s No Time to Die, casting choices for the next James Bond are wide open and vast. While there are many other names in the bucket, fans have taken to Ranker to vote for the top 10 casting choices to take on the iconic role of James Bond. The famous secret service agent has had six different faces, having been portrayed by Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Pierce Brosnan, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, and Craig. Now with Craig bowing out after 15 years, a new actor must take on 007’s persona. Who should that actor be? Look at Ranker’s top 10 James Bond casting choices and see if you think they will fit Bond’s suit well.

10. Luke Evans

Luke Evans Ranker
Credit: Wikistaar

Luke Evans has shown that he has range, having portrayed heroes such as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit trilogy and villains such as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Could he take on another heroic role as James Bond? Evans has said, “I would jump at the chance, as would many actors in my position, so we shall see.” If Evans were to get the role, he would be the second Welsh actor to portray James Bond after Timothy Dalton.

9. Alexander Dreymon

Alexander Dreymon
Credit: Jim Spellman via Showbiz Cheat Sheet

German actor Alexander Dreymon is best known for playing Uhtred of Bebbanburg in Netflix’s The Last Kingdom. The actor’s fluency in German, English, and French could prove useful when he’s playing a spy having to cross international waters a lot. According to a Change petition to get him in the role, Dreymon can easily put on a British accent, and he is a purple belt in Jiu Jitsu. Language, accent adoption skills, and martial arts abilities could make for a good bond.

8. Regé-Jean Page

Rege Jean Page
Credit: Netflix via Good Housekeeping

Regé-Jean Page made a name for himself with his breakout role as Simon Basset in Netflix’s Bridgerton. However, he did not reprise the role in season two, and it appears he has no intention to do so. Moreover, Page recently said that he would be fine with the role being recasted, and he hasn’t even watched the second season. So, could he take on James Bond? Responding to any rumors, Page told Jimmy Fallon that he didn’t expect it to happen. “I think there might be an element of cultural translation to be done here,” he said. “If you’re a Brit, and you do something of any kind of renown that people regard well, then people start saying the ‘B’ word. It’s like a merit badge. You get the ‘B’ word merit badge. But I don’t think it’s much more than that.”

7. Tim Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston
Credit: Jamie McCarthy via NME

Its been 11 years since Thor was released, and in that time Tom Hiddleston has become so recognized as the title character’s mischievous brother that he may as well just change his name to Loki. That performance and many others have also made him an audience favorite to play James Bond. However, with the Emmy-nominated Loki series heading into its second season, it doesn’t appear that Hiddleston is leaving his role as the famous MCU villain turned anti-hero anytime soon. Ranker voters for James Bond may need to let this casting choice go.

6. Sam Heughan

sam heughan

Credit: Michael Kovac via Town & Country Magazine

Sam Heughan certainly has the James Bond smolder going for him in the photo above. The Outlander star auditioned for the role many years ago, losing out to Daniel Craig. Regardless, he remains popular among fans who desired James Bond casting choices. Heughan told Esquire last year, “I’d love to throw my oversized hat into the ring again if they are! It’d be nice to see a Scottish Bond again.”

5. Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender

Credit: Getty Images via Irish Central

Michael Fassbender’s range as an actor is vast. The actor broke onto the scene in 2007’s epic 300, and we’ve since seen him take on roles ranging from Magneto to Steve Jobs. It has only been in recent months, however, that he has even been considered a serious casting choice for James Bond. While he has been a rumored Bond in the past, he said in 2016 that he would never take the role on. It’s unclear why there is a new surge of people contending for him to take the role. Regardless, the fact remains that Fassbender doesn’t seem interested in the role, regardless of what James Bond Ranker voters are hoping for.

4. Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis

Credit: IWMBuzz

Interesting fact: there’s a James Bond novel called Devil May Care. And apparently, Ranker thinks James Bond could be played by the devil himself.

Tom Ellis portrayed the title character on Lucifer from 2016 to 2021. Ellis may be ready to take on a less sinister role with the show now complete. Many have claimed that Ellis embodies Bond, and his co-stars from Lucifer believe he would be perfect. With such strong support behind him, Ellis is now a strong contender among James Bond casting choices.

3. Idris Elba

Idris Elba ranker james bond

Credit: Mustafa Yalcin via The Mirror

Former Luther and The Suicide Squad star Idris Elba has been a rumored casting choice for James Bond for several years. It would be a nice change of place to have an African-American play the role. However, Elba could be facing a setback due to his age. The actor is entering his 50s, and even in 2016, he told Good Morning America that he thought he was too old for the role. Regardless, he remains one of the highest-ranking James Bond casting choices among Ranker voters.

2. Henry Cavill

Ranker James bond henry cavill

Credit: Getty Images via Digital Spy

Henry Cavill’s future as Superman remains in limbo. Regardless, he has been a popular choice to play James Bond for quite some time. He’s no stranger to big roles like the aforementioned superhero and Geralt in The Witcher series. He’s also no stranger to playing a spy, as he took on such a role in Man From U.N.C.L.E. Cavill enthusiastically said in 2020 that he would love to play James Bond. With him so willing to take the role and so many fans eager to see it happen, it’s almost going to be an upset if Cavill doesn’t end up playing 007.

1. Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Ranker James Bond

Credit: Getty Images via Looper

Do you want to talk about an acting range? Have a look at Tom Hardy’s acting resume. He’s played Bane (The Dark Knight Rises). He’s played Venom (Venom). He’s played Britain’s most violent prisoner. And his role in The Revenant got him an Oscar nomination. It’s no surprise that he is Ranker’s top casting choice for James Bond.

So is it going to happen? At this point, it almost feels like a toss-up between him and Cavill. But with all due respect to Cavill, Hardy has set himself apart for taking prolific characters and making them his own. It would be disappointing not to see the unique spin he could put on the legendary spy.

Ranker’s list of casting choices for James Bond has changed a few times, but only time will tell who will take on the iconic spy role.

Meanwhile, here’s your chance to share your opinion. Do you agree with Ranker’s James Bond casting choices? Who do you think should take on the role? Share your thoughts in the comments, and visit us on The Nerd Stash Facebook page and @TheNerdStash on Twitter.