Days of Our Lives: John Aniston Celebrates His 37th Anniversary

John Aniston celebrates 37 years on Days of Our lives. He portrayed Victor Kiriakis, one of the greatest bad guys to ever grace daytime TV. A lot of people consider his character the O.G. of soap opera baddies. And it’s insane to think he has been on the show longer than some of the fans of the show have even been alive. And he has plotted every single bad guy move since day one way back in 1985.

John Aniston celebrates 37 years on Days of our Lives

Whether he was swapping babies in a maternity ward or setting up some ‘evil twin’ shenanigans in Salem, Victor is an icon on the show. Like the Days of Our Lives version of Mr. Burns. Just a much more charming version. He is like the Dos Equis guy in real life. We also want to point out how he is the Father of another TV icon, Jennifer Aniston. Talent just runs in this guy’s D.N.A.

Via Soaps She Knows:

While reflecting on Victor’s status as a villain, Aniston mused, in an interview with the Television Academy, that he’s “had some transitions. He’s tried to reform himself, so he could nail down Maggie.” Tried might be the operative word because, as his portrayer pointed out, “The thing is, being too goody-two-shoes on a soap opera is no good.”

John Aniston celebrates 37 years on Days of Our lives. 37 years of lying and sneaking and planning and cavorting. 37 years of whispers and secrets and ennui. If you find a scheme worth talking about on Days, good chance he is behind it in some fashion. From multiple marriages to funerals galore, John Aniston is as much an icon on the show as the town of Salem itself is.

Thankfully, this isn’t a retirement party just yet. Aniston isn’t planning on going anywhere soon and has more schemes up his well-coifed sleeves.