Monster Hunter Rise Guide: How to Farm Dango Tickets

While Dango Tickets are not the most essential items in Monster Hunter Rise, they still provide a substantial boost during your hunts. By eating the sweet rice dumpling skewers before a hunt, you can easily increase your max health and stamina up to 150 points. Even before gathering the Spiribirds! Eating specific Dango will also give you passive buffs, ranging from getting extra quest rewards, increasing shelling damages, to giving a Divine Blessing-like damage reduction effect. Even so, the buffs have a low percentage to be active. And that’s where the tickets come in.

The Easiest Way to Farm Dango Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise

By eating at the Canteen using Dango Tickets, you’re guaranteed to get those passive buffs. And if you’re burning through the tickets but have tons of unused Kamura Points, one Japanese Monster Hunter YouTuber called Faanku has found a way to farm them quickly. Using his method you should be able to get 44 Dango Tickets by spending just one minute flipping through menus (and a few seconds of walking back and forth). Let’s take a look at how it works in the video.

Since the video is in Japanese, here is the step-by-step guide to the farming method in English. However, even if you don’t understand Japanese, the tutorial video is actually still easy to understand since it’s very straight-forward:

  1. Trade-in 99 Raw Meats using Kamura Points over at the Argosy/Rondine.
    1. Costs 5,940 Kamura Points.
  2. Go to the Canteen.
  3. Choose the Motley Mix option and use the 99 Raw Meats.
    1. Costs 6,435 Zenny and 2,475 Kamura Points.
  4. You should get 44 Dango Tickets after you talk to Yomogi.
  5. Repeat as many times as necessary.

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And that’s how you can easily farm Dango Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise. Or do you have discovered an even faster way to farm them? Let’s discuss and share your ideas in the comments below.