Raft: How to Craft Trash Cubes

Raft is the newest game from the Swedish developer Rebeet Interactive that was firstly published as early access in 2018. The full version of this open-world survival game was released not too long ago. Like every survival game, finding and crafting material is what will guarantee your progress in the game. Trash Cubes are the currency players can use to buy stuff from the Trading Post, and here is the guide on how to craft them in Raft.

How to Craft Trash Cubes in Raft

In Raft, you can salvage items from the environment or buy them with Trash Cubes at the Trading Post. While looking for items around the sea in Raft, you will stumble upon unwanted items that most players will drop. But a better option is recycling them and turning them into Trash Cubes.

Trash Cubes was added to the game as part of the new Chapter 3 released for Raft, with new playable characters, new enemies, and new destinations. The only purpose of Trash Cubes in the game is to turn the unnecessary stuff you find around the game into the in-game currency that can be used to buy more valuable items.

how to craft trash cubes in raft

To turn these items into Trash Cubes, you must craft a Recycler first. You can find the blueprint of Recycler at the top of the Radio Tower in the game. After you get the blueprint, open the crafting menu, and under the “Other” option, you can see that it requires 6 Plastic, 4 Metal Ingots, 2 Bolts, and 1 Circuit Board to craft the Recycler.

Once you’ve crafted the Recycler, you can use it to turn raw materials or basic crafting materials into Trash Cubes. You need 300 points worth of raw materials to create one Trash Cube. After you have crafted enough Trash Cube, go to the Trading Post and use them as currency to buy the items you need.

Raft is available for PC via Steam.