Destiny 2: How Does Solar Ignition Work?

You may be wondering what the term Solar Ignition means in Destiny 2. Well, it is a game strategy for taking down an enemy that was added for the Destiny 2 Solar 3.0 update. You are likely to encounter it as you complete daily bounties, and knowing how to use it can help you vanquish your enemies easily. And that’s why we have prepared this guide; it covers how Solar Ignition works and how you can implement it.

How Does Solar Ignition Work in Destiny 2?

Long story short, Solar Ignition is a damage over time buff directed at your enemy by your Guardian. It works by building enough stacks of Scorch against your target, thus leading to a burn. Essentially, you use your Solar abilities, such as grenades, to cause as much damage as possible. For it to be effective, sustained exposure is needed. Used the right way, Solar Ignition can even cause explosions.

Solar Ignition is best deployed against a tough enemy because of its killing potential. Your best bet at causing massive damage to your target is by causing repeated Scorch attacks. This will require strategically using your grenade and ranged-melee abilities as part of the attack build-up. Sometimes, you may experience difficulty causing a Solar Ignition, in which case you will have to review the abilities of your Guardian to make sure they can sustain enough Scorch attacks for a kill.

You can also boost your chances of achieving Solar Ignition with the help of Fragments. For instance, the Ember of Ashes increases the number of Scorch attacks, thus increasing their overall effectiveness. Also, the Ember of Char can increase the scale of the Solar Ignition, causing it to spread to nearby targets and destroy a zone clustered with enemies. On the other hand, The Ember of Singein gives you a faster class ability for recharging after scorching your targets.