Raft: How to Get Dry Brick

Want to know how to get Dry Brick in Raft and make your survival even more comfortable? Surviving on a raft, you will have to constantly craft and look for different items to make life a little more comfortable. The latest update added many new items to the game, but the item we’re talking about today is not one of them. The Dry Brick is one of the not multifunctional items in the game, used in just one craft, specifically to create Smelter. To craft Dry Brick, you will need 2 Clay and 2 Sand. If you’re here to learn more about the Dry Brick making process, keep reading our guide.

How to Get Dry Brick in Raft

As we said, you will need two Clay and two Sand to create one Dry Brick. If you know how to get these resources, you can go straight to the next part of our guide. Or keep reading if you don’t know how to get sand and clay.

  • Finding and extracting clay and sand is very easy:
  • Swim to the nearest shallow water next to the islands.
  • Dive under the water and find the resources you need. Outwardly, sand and clay are similar and look like little pebbles at the bottom ocean.
  • Swim closer and use your hook to get resources.

Raft: How to Craft Trash Cubes

Having obtained the necessary materials, return to the raft and start crafting Dry Brick:

  • Press TAB or I to open the Craft menu.
  • Next, go to the Resources tab and select Wet Bricks from the list of items.
  • Create as many items as you need by clicking on the Wet Bricks icon.
  • Next, place the Wet Bricks on the raft and leave them for about half an in-game day. After the specified period, return and pick up the finished Dry Brick.

Everything is easy and requires almost no effort from you.

By the way, to create a Smelter, you only need six Dry Bricks. Therefore, we advise you to immediately extract 12 sand and 12 clay so that later you do not have to wait again for half a day until the bricks dry.

Raft is available on PC.