James Webb's Hard-Drive Can't Store GTA V

One of the internet’s trends lately is James Webb Space Telescope. Everybody is talking about its power, price, and capability. But a fun fact for gamers is that the 10 billion dollar space telescope technology can discover galaxies, but it can’t run most of the AAA games. It doesn’t have storage like HDDs or SSDs we use, but it has storage works like ours. That storage cannot store GTA V, Warzone, and many more AAA games.

It might sound weird to hear that when we think about the JWST’s budget. But there’s a sensible reason to explain why. But good news, NASA researchers aren’t going to play GTA V with a space telescope.

James Webb Space Telescope Only Has 68 Gigabytes of Storage

The space telescope’s first photos were released on the internet last week. They were impressive, and many people even wondered how powerful that telescope was. Short answer, yes, it’s powerful. But its power doesn’t come from its disk speed or size, so a 10 billion dollar space telescope can have 68 gigabytes of solid storage. The details reported by Tom’s Hardware are impressive.

James Webb Space Telescope
James Webb Space Telescope’s Storage Isn’t Enough To Play a Game Like GTA V

But why is it not at least 1TB if it needs storage? Because it doesn’t need that much storage, the space telescope only needs 10 gigabytes of storage in a day, and it’s sending all the data to NASA. Even 20 gigabytes might be enough, but NASA is added even more. And the other reason is including more storage isn’t cheap as you think. The storage drive stands a horrifying amount of cosmic radiation, and the protectors are probably not so cheap.

But look from the bright side; you can play most games on Steam with that sized storage. Also, indie games aren’t that large-sized, but sometimes they offer a better experience than million-dollar games.

What would be the first game you play if you had JWST’s hard drive?