I can’t say I come back to World of Warcraft, because you can’t come back when you never leave — but I do find myself returning to Diablo on the regular, having in the past week played both Diablo 2: Resurrected and Diablo 3. I usually come back to D3 at the beginning of every Season, which is pretty much why Seasons even exist. They work! I’m sucked back in to try the new Season theme, grind another character back up to 70, start farming Paragon and better gear all over again — it’s a treadmill I find utterly absorbing and I keep returning to it.

I know that for a lot of players, WoW is exactly this, with players leaving and coming back for patch cycles, but like I said, that’s never been me. Similarly, a lot of people I’m friendly with tell me that they can’t really quit Overwatch, but as I’m not a fan of PVP team shooters and I get motion sickness playing it, it’s definitely not a game I come back to on the regular. I love the lore, I would die happy if they did an Arcane style series developing some of the characters, but I don’t play it very much, because yeah, it triggers nasty headaches.

This is also why I always die a lot in any sort of co-op shooter, BTW.

So for me, my ooh, I should give that another go game from Blizzard is definitely the Diablo series, but it’s hardly the only series I do that with. I’ve played every Dragon Age game multiple times, I have both Baldur’s Gate and BG2 on my iPad and my computer so I can go back, I’ve returned to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Kingdoms of Amalur and Tyranny quite a few times. Some games, whether it be for comfort and familiarity or to try and build or class I’ve never played before, get me to come back.

So what about you?

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