Image of video screen falling onto MIRROR
Photo via Twitter

    At least two dancers performing with the HK-pop group MIRROR were injured after a video screen fell onto the stage during a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on Thursday night. Fan-captured footage of the incident can be seen below (warning: it’s graphic).

    According to Hong Kong’s The Standard, the injured dancers were taken by ambulance to a local hospital. One of the individuals suffered neck injuries and is reportedly in serious condition; the other sustained injuries to his head and is listed in stable condition. Three audience members were treated for shock.

    The remainder of the concert was canceled and all upcoming dates have been scrapped.

    This is the second such on-stage incident to occur at a MIRROR concert in recent days. During an earlier show on Tuesday, a member of the group fell off of the stage while giving a speech. That incident, as well as apparent images of rickety on-stage platforms and bridges, inspired fans of the group to launch a petition calling on event organizers to improve stage safety. In response, MIRROR reportedly ceased performing “dangerous moves” on top of platforms, and a fence was installed to prevent further falls from the stage.


    — 踊る大香港 (@nobu_hk) July 28, 2022