Triple H
Triple H has provided fans with an update on his health during the SummerSlam Tryouts.

The newly appointed WWE Head of Creative and Talent Relations revealed that he has been feeling great since his health scare in September of last year when he underwent heart surgery after suffering a cardiac event caused by a genetic heart condition. He said that it took him some time to heal up, but he is currently back to being fully healthy. He noted that he is 100% back to working again and trying his best to fill their big shows.

“It was a glitch in the road,” Triple H said. “Luckily for me, it was caught. It took a little for me to get past it, but I’m over it, and I’ve got a clean bill of health.”

Triple H shared that he will not be making a return to the squared circle because he feels like his time in the ring had concluded. While The Game may not be returning to active competition, he still has a passion for the business and expressed his desire to make it better than ever.

He continued to say that fans should embrace their families, their friends, and what they love to do in life. He said to work hard for want you want out of life.

“I have a new appreciation for life,” Triple H said. “It’s precious and it doesn’t last long. Embrace it. Get everything you can out of it.”

The former WWE Champion mentioned that he has made positive changes to his wellness routine. He said he has been sleeping more and told fans not to be afraid to do the same. Triple H also noted how he approaches the business because he loves it and wants to continue to be involved with it.

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