The Rock XFL

Recently, The Rock appeared as a guest on the popular show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” The Brahma Bull was asked about the upcoming XFL American Football League next year, a company he acquired along with a group of other investors in 2020, after former owner Vince McMahon filed for bankruptcy.

“We wanted to take our time, do it right- this is the third iteration of XFL.” The XFL ran for one reason in 2001, where the league attempted and failed to be a competitor to the NFL. In 2017, it was announced that the XFL would be returning, this time as a spring league, after the NFL ended its season with the Super Bowl in February. In 2020, the XFL would run its first season after the rebuild, though stopping ultimately halfway through the first season after the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world. This resulted in the eventual filing for bankruptcy.

The Rock went on to say that the NFL and XFL have partnered in a unique way. “The NFL has an Alumni Academy, that if you don’t roster throughout the NFL season, you automatically get a contract to go to the XFL, to play there,” said Rock. The Rock also said that NFL coaches will be able to come to watch and evaluate players in the XFL and that if the players are deemed ready, they will be able to move on to the NFL in the following fall season.

“My goal and my dream was to play pro football. I went to the University of Miami, played with some great players, great teams,” Rock said about his early football career. Before eventually joining the WWF in 1996, The Rock attempted to pursue a career in pro football; however, it wasn’t to be. “There are 53 men on an NFL Roster. I was always number 54. I was that guy the coaches always said, ‘DJ, you’re good, but not good enough.’”

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