Sami Zayn on WWE's

Sami Zayn is thriving in WWE as a member of the “SmackDown” roster, but considering he has been in the business since 2002, how much longer does he plan on competing?

Zayn is currently pushing to be an honorary member of The Bloodline faction every week, which has seen him do a lot of their bidding, as he is regularly involved in segments with the group. He has been a consistent part of the product, but he admitted to Steve Austin on the latest “Broken Skull Sessions” that he’s not sure when he will retire “because it could be taken away when you’re not ready for it.”

While Zayn is an excellent in-ring talent, he is also a brilliant talker with skills that have seen him win the NXT Championship and the Intercontinental Title three times during his spell with WWE. That’s a muscle he has been able to flex a lot more since turning heel, whether that was managing Shinsuke Nakamura or during his feud with Johnny Knoxville, and it’s something he could continue to do for a very long time.

“If it’s not taken away, I’ve no idea, till the wheels fall off, I suppose, and then when they do, I’d love to run my mouth and be Bobby Heenan or be Paul Heyman,” he said.

Fans do not need to worry about Zayn retiring at any point soon, though, as it was reported that he had signed a contract extension at the start of 2022, similarly to his best friend Kevin Owens, who also chose to re-sign with the company despite speculation about him potentially leaving. Zayn is not currently booked to have a match at WWE SummerSlam this weekend, but that is because he is legitimately injured right now, which is why he hasn’t been competing in the ring as of late, despite appearing on television. It is fortunately not expected to be an issue that keeps him out on a long-term basis.

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