kurt angle with the microphone on monday night raw
Kurt Angle has opened up about his relationship with his former boss, Vince McMahon.

“My relationship with Vince was great,” Angle candidly said on Busted Open. “We were very close the first time I was there, and then we had a falling out in 2006 and we didn’t speak for 11 years. When I met him back again in 2017, when I came back, it was like nothing ever happened. We were hugging each other, telling each other that we loved one other. We just picked up where we left off.”

Angle said that no one else has ever done anything like what McMahon has for him. He further described McMahon as a giving guy and an incredible businessman. He said McMahon is like a father figure to him and always will be. He added that he has nothing but respect for the man.

Angle and McMahon go way back with one another, dating back to when Angle started with WWE in late 1999. He won multiple titles during his tenure there and had various memorable moments before he left the company in 2006 due to health reasons and injuries. Angle then signed a contract with TNA and worked for them for several years before leaving in 2016 and returning to the indie circuit. He would mend fences with McMahon the following year and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was then appointed the general manager of “Raw”.

He would also have a few tag team matches with the likes of The Shield and Ronda Rousey and participate in The Greatest Royal Rumble. In April of 2019, Angle would be written off of television and transition into a producer role. He was released from the company in April of 2020. Angle would have a couple of additional appearances for the company before turning down a new contract offered to him to focus on his health and nutrition business.

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