grand theft auto 6 details playable woman character
Image via Rockstar Games

    The first details of Grand Theft Auto 6 have been revealed in a new Bloomberg report about the changing culture at developer Rockstar Games. While centering on how the company has responded to employee backlash, the article explains how the transformation of Rockstar into a “progressive and compassionate workplace” could impact the development of the game.

    GTA 6 will include a playable woman protagonist for the first time, according to Bloomberg. She will be Latina and star alongside another character in a story influenced by the bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde. In stark contrast to prior entries in the franchise, the developers are also making an effort not to “punch down” and make jokes about marginalized groups.

    After making a pledge to avoid excessive overtime, Rockstar has also cut back the scope of GTA 6. It will now take place in a fictionalized version of Miami and its surrounding areas after originally being planned to be modeled after “large swaths” of North and South America.

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    The new plan is to roll out new missions and cities on a regular basis with the goal of a less rigorous crunch during the final months of the game’s development. However, GTA 6 still contains more interior locations than previous titles.

    At this time, the release window for Grand Theft Auto 6 is currently unknown. Although Rockstar officially announced it was in “active development” back in February, the game has been in the works since 2014 and developers interviewed by Bloomberg estimated the launch is at least two years away.

    In the meantime, Grand Theft Auto: Online has kept the franchise humming along with expansions like The Contract starring Dr. Dre. In addition to six new songs by Dre, it includes a radio station curated by Rosalía.


    Read the full Bloomberg report here.