Roquan Smith just dropped a bomb on the Chicago Bears!

According to a report from Ian Rapoport, Smith has blasted the Chicago Bears and he is demanding to be traded.

From ESPN:

Among the frustrations detailed:

— Smith has lost trust by what he believes are their attempts to take advantage of him.

— He feels this entire process hasn’t been a negotiation, just the Bears trying to strong-arm him with a take-it or leave-it deal

— The backloaded offer, which wouldn’t make him the highest paid in actual salary, included proposed de-escalators that not a single player out of the 94 non-QB, $15M+ contracts has. He was offended.

— The deal would hurt the LB market as a whole.

Nation, where would you like to see Roquan Smith end up in 2022?

Here is the full statement from Roquan Smith

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