New Segment Revealed for Tonight’s WWE SmackDown

WWE superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke with Fightful about a wide range of pro-wrestling topics, which included the Scottish Warrior admitting to the publication that he was worried WWE was going to edit his WrestleMania 36 world title victory over Brock Lesnar since the match was taped a week prior to airing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he was worried that WWE would change their minds on him beating Brock at WrestleMania:

“I mean, if you look at my recent Drew McIntyre’s history—WWE TikTok put out a video where they asked me my own history and I didn’t know anything about myself. [Bad memory comes to Drew McIntyre like in wrestling story, anything prior to me getting signed.] But we did film it about a week prior and, as I mentioned a million times, you never know what to expect in WWE. You can’t just assume things are going to go the way they’re planned or the way you’ve actually filmed them. Even though I technically won that match and I did media leading up to Mania talking like I hadn’t won the title yet, because in my mind, ‘This can change. We may have to go back in and re-do it.’”

Thought WWE’s editing team could get it done:

“I mean the joke, half serious of, ‘What if they edit it together? They have such great editors. It could be Brock hitting an F-5, and one, two—and it cuts to Seth or Roman, someone with dark hair getting pinned by Brock—three and it’s just a close-up of Brock holding the title up?’ I didn’t know for sure. I watched it with the world on the couch, with the wife and the cats. That was really cool to see my hand getting raised, the referee giving me the title on TV and then at home my wife—who has been such an important part of my journey—to hand me the title at home was also very cool and very special to us.”

Says he expect to be on the Clash at the Castle card:

“I mean, I hope I’m on the card for one. You can never assume anything in WWE. So, yeah, I want to make sure I’m on the show. But I have petitioned for this for a long time. I appreciate they gave me some of the credit for making it happen. I always say it’s a time effort in WWE just because I wouldn’t shut up about it and said it’s gonna be a big deal, and it is gonna be a big deal. You’ve seen the pre-sales, you’ve seen the actual sales. The UK is rabid for WWE, for wrestling in general. I’m so excited about this show. If I had to pick my dream match, obviously, I’m gonna go for the title match. Ol’ Drew McIntyre’s the only person in history that’s main evented WrestleMania. won the World title at WrestleMania—child hood dream!—beat Brock—cherry on top!—and, oh yeah, there was nobody there. Two out of three ain’t bad. It was necessary for the time. I’m proud of it. Two time WWE Champion, zero fans. For the first time in front of fans, I’d like to hold up the title. It’d be very cool to do it in the UK.”