marvel studios vfx

Marvel Studios has recently been facing allegations that their treatment of VFX artists is “abusive” with many artists claiming that the work conditions are just too hard to bear. With multiple films and television shows being released every year, it certainly isn’t hard to believe. Each Marvel project features an enormous amount of visual effects work. This includes backgrounds, environments, camera shots, and of course, many of the creatures, aliens, and superheroes featured throughout the universe. Not to mention many of their special abilities which also require a certain amount of visual tinkering. So how does Marvel Studios take care of this situation? Well, it looks like Marvel Studios is considering a VFX house of their own.

If you’re unaware, Marvel Studios has currently sought the work of outside companies to produce their VFX. This is how essentially every other production company functions as well. But because Marvel has so many projects in the works all of the time, they’re constantly using dozens of studios across the world. This has generated a lot of legal loopholes, tough schedules, underbidding between studios, and other issues that VFX artists are finally vocalizing. In response to this, Marvel Studios is considering the creation of their own VFX house, as revealed by one of our sources.

This would greatly change the industry and how it functions for both Marvel Studios and those outside of the company. But as Marvel Studios continues to expand their various projects with theatrical films and numerous television shows, they certainly have to adapt to the situation somehow. As for now, they’ve mostly been quiet regarding the complaints made by VFX artists. Instead, Marvel has been teasing their latest upcoming phase of films and shows such as those announced at this year’s Comic-Con. But it doesn’t take much to imagine the stress that VFX artists are facing with such an announcement.

With that said, Marvel isn’t the only company that’s been accused of taking advantage of these VFX studios. Many production companies are facing similar allegations. It’s Marvel, however, that happens to be one of the busiest companies at the moment. As such, it’s easy to put much of the blame on them. The problem isn’t that there’s not enough work – it’s that there’s too much and it’s constantly changing and studios are being constantly rushed. Furthermore, they receive no additional compensation for working as hard as they are.

So, as stated above, Marvel creating their own VFX studio could be a great way to respond to this problem and bring employees the compensation they deserve. Otherwise, it’s unknown how exactly this situation will continue to escalate. As such, stay tuned to ScreenGeek for additional updates as we have them.