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Actor Armie Hammer had a surprising number of allegations made against him over the last few years. In fact, they appear to have been enough to get the actor blacklisted from the entertainment industry. The most recent update we’ve had on him is a report that he’s actually living in the Cayman Islands. It appears that he’s been working as an alleged timeshare salesman there. While that was the latest update, Discovery Plus has now come around with a brand-new documentary, House of Hammer, that goes even further into the life ofHammer and the various allegations against him.

As you can see below, the upcoming documentary titled House of Hammer looks like it will be a shocking addition to the story so far.

The documentary has grouped together both a member of the Hammer family alongside various ex-girlfriends of Armie Hammer’s to discuss many of the wildest allegations out there.

Here’s the trailer:

The original allegations were actually so shocking it was hard to believe at the time. But now that we’re seeing so many people involved with Armie Hammer speaking about them, and a genuine Hammer family member for that matter going into detail about them, it’s hard not to believe at least some of them at this point. The aforementioned family member is none other than Armie’s aunt, Casey Hammer, who claims that their family “made a deal with the devil.”

Of course, despite an investigation by the LAPD, it’s unknown if there will be any legal consequences. As of this writing, Armie Hammer is merely working as a timeshare salesman as mentioned above. The actor reportedly sought help from a rehabilitation center not long after the initial allegations came forward. Other than this, and clearly being cancelled by the entertainment industry, Hammer seems to be continuing with his life.

House of Hammer is set to premiere on Discovery Plus on September 2.