Tidus laughs

The PlayStation brand has continually transformed over the last couple of decades, becoming a major force in the gaming industry. From its early conception as a Nintendo-owned console (no, really) to the PlayStation 5’s status as the console everyone wants but can’t seem to track down, Sony’s console family has taken a number of risks in the name of home gaming entertainment.

To this day, many fans still point to the PS2 era as their favorite or best stretch of time in PlayStation history. That era is still going strong in many ways, as many games from this time period have been reissued in new and flashy HD collections, and why many of the fan-favorite franchises that launched on the PS2 have continued to receive new installments after so many years.

With that legacy in mind, it’s time to take a look back at Sony’s second big foray into the home console market. The PlayStation 2 brought with it some truly groundbreaking video games, but the following titles are arguably the best of the best.

Gene standing outside a building
Alien Hominid fighting a boss
U-1 screaming in battle suit
DDRMAX dance screen
Hector facing giant statue
Obi-Wan with Luke on Tatooine
Mercenary fighting soldiers
Hero attacking a big creature
P3 team standing in front of giant Shadow
Marvel heroes fighting robot
Notes played in Guitar Hero III
Skater manual Alcatraz
Pai fighting Lei-Fei
sweet tooth smiling
Leon using save statue
Ferrari being worked on in garage
Flonnezilla attacking city
Manhunt character sneaking up on enemy
Jak and Daxter on Misty Island
First person mode in Killer7
Parker standing next to woman with eye patch
Man exploding in TimeSplitters 2
Chie talking to Yu
General Grievous fighting Jedi
Mio and Maya holding hands surrounded by ghosts
Snow boarder with butterfly wings
Car driving in Burnout Revenge
Sly approaching guards
Dante walking through castle
Paul fighting King
Skater standing in Barcelona
Max Payne and Mona Sax holding guns
Trio of women in huddle
spider-man swinging over a bridge
FIghters from Street Fighter and SNK games
Kratos looking stern
Beholder Menacing
Kairi looking at ocean
Transformed Jak looking at Daxter
Sam Fisher pointing a gun
Ratchet blasts villains
Assassin duels Cassandra
Douglas approaches Heather
Sly Cooper getting shocked
Viewtiful Joe posing tongue out
Bully music class
note highway and band on stage
Characters key art
Tommy is pursued by the authorities
The Prince rolling a katamari
Raiden aiming handgun
Mitsubishi vehicle leading race
Band playing in Rock Band 2
Amaterasu overlooks a village
Kratos battles a Cerberus
Roxas looking up
ico and Yorda sitting on chair
Peyj and Jade stand outside bar
Dante and Vergil draw pistols
Prince of Persia Sands of time Cover art
CJ riding bike
James stares at his reflection
Tidus briefs his friends
Leon aiming at cultists
Wander shooting an arrow at a colossus
Snake in woods