thanks a lot, amazon …

Dave Foley sorta bit the hand that feeds a bit this weekend — taking a shot at the streaming company that’s hosting his old sketch show … claiming Amazon is ruining planet Earth.

The comedian/actor was on hand Sunday at the Beverly Hilton hotel, where the HCA TV Awards were underway and handing out trophies for shows … both on traditional TV and on streaming. He won for his newest season of ‘Kids in the Hall,’ which was revived for a 6th season this year on Amazon Prime — this after the OG show’s been off the air for decades.

During his acceptance speech for Best Streaming Variety Sketch Series, DF thanked a bunch of people in very off-the-cuff remarks — and along the way, remembered to thank Amazon.

Watch … Foley sarcastically mentions Amazon, saying despite polluting the planet/ruining the environment — they make some great TV, so yippee! It’s kinda funny, but big picture … it’s a little cringeworthy … especially when you consider Dave literally has a working relationship with them now, as they’re financing/producing the new season(s) of his series.